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COZZE                                            £6.95
Fresh mussels in marinara sauce
Olive oil, garlic, white wine and fresh mint
CACIUCCO (Fish stew)              £14.95
Monkfish, prawn, mussel, chilli, tomato sauce served with bread
MEATBALLS GIGANTI              £12.95
Meatballs in tomatoes sauce topped with mozzarella cheese served with focaccia
Funghi Mistiv                                 £6.95 
Mixed wild mushroom, white wine and olive oil served with ciabatta 
Zuppa                                             £4.95 
Soup of the day 
Calamari Fritti                                £6.95 
Fried calamari with spicy mayonnaise 
Melon and Parma Ham                 £6.95 
Parma ham, melon and rocket served with a mustard and honey sauce 
Gamberoni Piccanti                      £6.95 
Succulent butterflied prawns, white wine, garlic, fresh tomatoes and parsley
Fried Goats Cheese                      £5.95 
Served with a salad garnish and ciabatta bread 
Halloumi  Salad                             £6.95 
Mixed leaf salad, grapes, halloumi cheese and house dressing 
Tricolore Salad                              £5.95 
Buffalo mozzarella, beef tomatoes, fresh basil and avocado with pesto dressing 
Bruschetta Classica                      £4.95 
Tomato, garlic, basil and olive oil served on toasted bread
Arancini                                          £6.95
Deep fried rice balls filled with minced beef and mozzarella cheese 
with mozzarella v £4.25
with tomato v £3.95
All our pasta sauces are homemade to order using only the freshest and natural ingredients possible,  Gluten free options are available
Spaghetti Carbonara                      £8.95
Bacon and eggs in cream sauce Spaghetti 
Tagliatelle alla Livornese          £12.95
Toscana fresh spicy sausage, peppers, olive oil, chili in light tomato sauce 
Bolognese                                      £9.95 
Traditional homemade meat sauce Pesto Tagliatelle with Chicken               £9.95 
Mushrooms, garlic, chicken and homemade pesto Spaghetti Gamberoni                  £11.95 
Tiger prawns, chopped fresh tomatoes, chilli, garlic, white wine sauce and parsley 
SpaghettiPolpette                        £10.95 
Homemade meatballs with mushrooms, chilli, garlic, red wine and tomato sauce 
Frutti di Mare                              £13.95
Fresh mussels, calamari, king prawns, oilve oil, garlic, white wine in light tomato sauce  
Gnocchi                                       £10.90 
Wild mushroom, spinach and gorgonzola in a creamy parmesan sauce

Risotto Pollo E Funghi               £10.95 
Risotto with tender chicken breast slices and sautéed mushrooms in a creamy white wine sauce
Risotto Pescatore                       £11.95 
Rich seafood risotto with king prawns, squid and salmon in a tomato and garlic sauceonions
Beef Lasagne                               £10.95 
Served with salad garnish 
Aubergine Parmigiana                £10.95 
Homemade grilled aubergine, mozzarella cheese, tomato sauce served with ciabatta 
Spinach & Ricotta Cannelloni    £10.95 
Served in a tomato sauce, topped with mozzarella cheese and ciabatta bread on the side and a salad 
Penne Al Forno                          £11.95 
Oven baked penne, roasted chicken,baby spinach and riserva cheese in a creamy mushroom sauce
Our signature Italian thin base is homemade and hand stretched, topped with our own tomato sauce
Margherita                                       8.95 
The classic original - simple and delicious! Piccante                                         £9.95 
Italian pepperoni and chillies 
Tre Gusti                                         £9.95
Chicken, pepperoni and ham 
Diavola                                         £10.95 
Salami, chilli, onions and spicy beef 
Fresco Di                                      £11.95 
Parma ham, rocket salad and flakes of parmesan 
Salami Misti                                 £12.95
Milano salami , pepperoni,prosciutto,roasted peppers and red onion 
Florentina                                     £10.95 
Spinach, olives, eggs and parmesan cheese 
Sausage Calzone                         £11.95 
Pepperoni, sausage, chicken, mushrooms and red

FRESH FISH            
Swordfish Steak                          £16.95
Swordfish, cherry tomatoes, capers served with smashed rosemary potatoes
Fresh Salmon                             £15.95
fresh salmon fillet served with green bean and sauteed potatoes  
Sea Bass Fillets                           £17.95 
Sea bass served with roasted peppers, aubergines, courgettes and new potatoes drizzled with lemon and olive oil jus

Chicken Breast                            £13.95 
Grilled chicken breast in mushroom sauce served with fries 
Chicken Parmigiano                    £13.95 
Breaded chicken breast in tomato sauce, parmesan with spaghetti pasta 
Vitello a Porcini                           £16.95 
Slices of veal in a light and creamy mushroom sauce served with sauté potatoes 
Fegato Veneziana                       £16.95 
Calf liver with red onions and sage in a  wine and balsamic sauce, served with Tuscan potatoes 
Lamb Chops                                £15.95 
Served with rosemary, garlic and sautéed potatoes 
Ribeye Steak                               £22.95 
Grilled 10oz ribeye steak with garlic butter and Italian herbs, served with French fries 
Pollo Prosciutto                           £16.95 
Chicken breast wrapped in prosciutto ham and sage with a white wine sauce, Tuscan potatoes and green beans
Vitello Saltimbocca                     £17.95  Veal cooked with parma ham, sage and white wine served with saute potatoes 
Chicken & Prosciutto Salad       £11.95 
chicken, crispy prosciutto, avocado, roasted red onions, tomatoes, Grana Padano and  mixed leaves, dress with aioli

Please note: All our dishes are prepared in kitchens where nuts, flour, etc. are commonly used so unfortunately we cannot guarantee our dishes will be free of traces of these products. Olives may contain stones, fish and meat dishes may contain bones, all dishes may contain items not mentioned in the menu description. All prices include VAT at the current rate. A discretionary service charge of 10% will be added to parties of 6 or more. *The weight of our steaks are the approximate uncooked weight.

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